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Face to Face

The result of a pair of grants from the Interdisciplinary Research Community at Truman State, Face to Face is an hour-and-a-half long musical with book and lyrics by Catherine McMahan and music by Kyle Rieger. The project was written under the guidance of Dr. Charles Gran of the university's music department, and David Goyette from theater. The show is based off the true story of Sophie Scholl and the members of the White Rose, a group of university students dedicated to the passive resistance of the Nazi regime through graffiti campaigns and the distribution of pamphlets with information about the atrocities on the Western Front. The White Rose soon comes under question of the Gestapo as Officer Robert Mohr visits their base of operations to conduct questioning about a “campaign of treason”. The show had its first staged reading July 17, 2017, and was the product of a work period that spanned from March to August of that same year.

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