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Arrangements and transcriptions by Rieger have been performed at state and international level music conferences, at high school and collegiate ensemble concerts, and even at the 2019 Stanley Cup victory parade for the St. Louis Blues. His experience of arranging for homogenous and mixed ensembles has been strengthened by his opportunities to work with the groups that perform said pieces, allowing him to learn firsthand what arrangement techniques work best with which types of ensembles. Whether you’re looking for an opener for a quartet or music for a full-length marching band show, Rieger can deliver on a variety of styles for a variety of instrumentations. All arrangement commissions through Rieger Music come with the following benefits:


Competitive Pricing

Rieger will match 

Frequent Email updates

Commissioners are guaranteed a minimum of three email updates on their commission before receiving a final product, even for a one-minute miniature. The longer or more complex the work, the more updates the commissioner is likely to receive. Each update will have a PDF of the score and an MP3 of the MIDI mockup attached. In the body of the email, Rieger will outline changes made from update-to-update, and will ask the commissioner for their comments or suggestions in order to improve existing material and shape soon-to-be-written material.

Rehearsal Coaching and problem solving

Once the composition is completed and the commissioner has had time to practice, they are guaranteed up to three 30-minute sessions of rehearsal coaching, in which Rieger will be Skyped-in to give feedback on the performance. During these sessions, the composer and the commissioner can also work together to establish if there are any parts of the composition that require modifications or creative solutions to make the work more idiomatic for the player.


Price estimate

Below is a comprehensive chart to help estimate the cost of commissions based on instrumentation and duration:

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 4.31.26 PM.png
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